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This page is packed with useful information on domain names, web hosting and the design process. If you still have any unanswered queries please call us on +44 (0)208 928 0899 or email us at

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design & production

What will you need from me?

For the Bronze package we would require all the images and text to be used on the site. The images must be 150 DPI as JPG or TIFF format.

For Silver package we would only require the text and a front page image (as you would add the gallery images yourself).

Will others have the same design as me?

Yes, as we offer a limited amount of templates the likelihood of others choosing the same template is high. However we customise the template to make it unique by using different colours/fonts.

How do I pay?

We require full payment for the site before we start production. We take cheque, bank transfers and credit card payments via our online payment store.

How long will it take to complete the site?

Once we have received the payment and all the relevant text / images for the site, it will take 1-2 days to complete the website. We will upload to our servers to show you the site in progress. Once its complete we will then upload the site and make it LIVE. The site may take 24-48 hours to show on the WWW as the servers will need to refresh in order to pick up the new domain. If the domain already exists this will not be an issue.

What do I get at the end of the project?

You get 2 years registration for you domain name (if domain is purchased through Template Portfolios). We can also send you a backup of the LIVE website by email or post.

How much do you charge for updating the site?

£5.00 minimum for text changes (Bronze & Silver)
£3.00 change front page image (Bronze & Silver)
£40.00 additional galleries (Bronze & Silver)
£10.00 additional text pages

Do you submit the site to search engines?

Yes, we will submit your site to Google, Altavista, Yahoo and other search engines once the site is completed and LIVE.

domain names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is something that is used to identify a piece of web space that houses a website. In reality that web space is identified by a set of numbers like (an IP Address) - but it is easier to remember words therefore a name is "attached" to those numbers and is unique to that web space.

Do I have to have a business to get one?

No. Anyone anywhere can purchase a domain name and pretty much use it for whatever they like providing they are not infringing someone else's copyright or trademark.

What domains do you sell?

We deal with the main domains -, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name. Click here to view the domain prices

How much are they and are there any hidden fees? are £25 for two years registration and .com, .net and .org .info and .biz cost £40 for two years. Once you have made the payment the domain is yours and there are no other costs involved.

Once I buy the domain is it always mine?

Providing you renew the name there is no reason why you shouldn't own it for as long as you wish.

website hosting

What is web hosting and why do I need it?

When you type in a domain name you generally then see a set of pages making up a web site. These pages need to be located on servers which are connected to the WWW. The servers are where all the files assoicated with your website are stored. We have to purchase the space for use for the websites.

How much does it cost and are there any hidden fees?

Our website hosting is £99.00 per annum.

Does your hosting carry any banners or adverts on my website?

No, none whatsoever - when you buy hosting hosting from Template Portfolios that web space will only show your website.

What if I want the site hosted by someone else in the future?

Just let us know the host's details and we will do this within 24 hours, however there will be a fee for transfering the site.

What if I already have a website host and want to continue using it?

Thats fine, we willl upload the site to your chosen host. For the site to work correctly the server will need to support MySql and PHP 5 scripting for e-forms, e-cards and other scripting to work. Please comfirm with your host before you proceed.

What if I already have a host but would like template portfolios to host the new site?

No problem, we will make all the arrangements to re-direct the domain to our servers. Your email may be out of action while the domain is being transferred.

How much web space do I get and what is a MB?

A MB is a megabyte which is a measure of computer space. You get 3,000MB (3 GB) of web space with all our packages.

What is a POP box?

This allows you greater control over email - you can have several POP boxes set to deliver mail to individuals - which allows for privacy and automatic distribution of mail to whoever it is intended to be delivered to.

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